General ‘Why Tiny’ Questions:

Why get a Tiny House?
(1) Financial freedom.  Love to own your own home without the 30-year mortgage? Want to reduce all those ever-climbing utility bills? You can enjoy a quality dwelling with all the comforts and mod cons at a greatly reduced cost. Be mortgage free in 3-4 years and greatly reduce your bills by going for the off-grid options.

(2) Create extra space in your house. Do you need more rooms in your house? Do you now work from home and need a home office? A Tiny House could be the perfect solution to provide you the extra space you need without the cost and disruption of building work.

(3) Have time to pursue what you love.  With reduced financial pressure & bills you open up possibilities to pursue worthwhile & enriching interests, relationships & lifestyle patterns. Chase the things you value, the things that make you happy and healthy.

(4) Sustainable & environmentally conscious. Tiny Houses promote sustainable, low carbon footprint, eco-friendly living without sacrificing quality, beauty or functionality.

(5) Increased lifestyle flexibility. Need a change of scenery? Take your home with you!

(6) Income Source. Need some guest accommodation or want to make some extra pocket money? Use a tiny house for Air B&B or many other accommodation options.

(7) Low maintenance. Less space means less stuff, less clutter, less mental load, less to clean.

(8) Stepping Stone. A Tiny House can reduce your living costs while you pursue working toward something else.

Questions Regarding Customisation:

Are your designs set in stone? How much can I customise?
They’re not set in stone but we’ve found it pretty helpful to have some tried and tested basics from which we can work. One of our co-founders have lived in a tiny house for over 1 years and many of the design aspects come from living in a small space day to day. There is definitely flexibility within our designs but keep in mind in a small space, even a small change can have a thousand implications. Saying that, we love hearing people’s ideas and will accommodate where we can. We don’t offer full custom builds but there are other builders that do :)
Can I customise the building materials?
At Tiny House Pro we’re all about quality so the materials we’ve chosen are those that will stand the test of time. We don’t use any chipboard, vinyl’s or MDF anywhere in our builds, solid timbers and ply only in the timber aspects and only the best everywhere else.
We build everything from scratch and we buy in bulk so, despite the high-end products we use, we aim to keep the price down as much as possible. Some changes are possible but it might cost a bit more because we won’t have our bulk prices etc.
What are the maximum dimensions I can have?
The maximum height is 4.m, the maximum width is 2.55m and the maximum length is 8m (9m including the draw bar). We keep our builds within the restrictions required for road legality. 

Questions Regarding Quality:

To what standard are the Tiny Houses built?
As already mentioned, at Tiny House Pro we strive to build to the highest building standards possible, going beyond what is found in prefab granny flats and most conventional houses built today. Quality materials and outstanding workmanship are what we’re about. We build everything from scratch and are creating homes that will last for generations, not houses that will look worn in a few years. Tiny House Pro are built by Pros to withstand transportation and the worlds harshest conditions.

Legality Questions:

Are Tiny Houses Road Legal?
Yes, our Tiny Houses are built to be legally transportable on UK roads. They come with a chassis and VIN Number making them road registerable as required. They are legally classed as a caravan. A Tiny Home does not usually require ongoing registration. A temporary permit is available and affordable if you need to move it on rare occasions via roadways.
Do I need planning permission to have a tiny house in my garden?
*We advise all of our customers to speak with their council*

As tiny houses are movable homes on wheels they fall under the caravan rules & regulations so no planning permission is required as it is moveable and removeable. There is some variation between cities and local councils but as a general rule, in most situations a household member is able to live in a tiny house when it is parked on a property with an existing dwelling without any council approval. In built up areas or suburbs there are some restrictions as to distances away from back and side fences.

As previously stated we recommend all our clients to speak with their local authority. Tiny House Pro Ltd are not legal experts and take no liability in this matter.

Questions Regarding Delivery, Installation & Setup:

Can my new Tiny House be delivered?
Yes, Tiny House Pro delivers nationwide and worldwide.
Can Tiny House Pro install my tiny house for me?
Yes, we offer an installation service which involves levelling, and installation onto individually adjustable piers and tie-down system. This will help your tiny house be as steady as a rock. Our draw bars are removable and you can also take the wheels off your tiny house to create a very non-trailer looking tiny house.
How do I connect power & water to my Tiny House?
Our tiny houses come with the same connections you would find on a caravan. They come with a single phase 40amp 240v power socket and water can be connected simply by clicking in a regular garden hose. Simple as that!
How does the toilet work in a Tiny House?
You have 2 main options. If you’re in a built-up area, you can have a traditional flush toilet plumbed into an existing septic system (just check that your system is big enough to essentially sustain an extra bathroom - most would be). At the same time, you would also have the drainage connected to your existing drainage system. This might cost in the realm of £1000 for both, depending on how far your systems are from where you’re positioning your tiny house.

If you’re wondering whether plumbing your tiny house into existing systems would require council approval, from speaking with our local council, our understanding is no. You can still disconnect the tiny house and move it elsewhere very easily. Just make sure sewage has the capacity for the intended usage.

The other option for the toilet is the composting toilet, allowing your tiny house to be completely independent. These are a great product and don’t smell at all.
What about grey water/drainage?
As mentioned above, your Tiny House’s drainage can be plumbed into existing drainage if you are in a built-up area. Alternatively a grey water filtration system can be installed such as these here. A simple slotted pipe in the ground with layers of gravel and sand to filter your grey water may also be suitable in some circumstances. It’s just important to remember to use earth friendly soaps and products.
What about guttering?
Guttering can be fitted to your tiny house; however, this needs to be fitted once on site as it puts the tiny house over the road legal width restrictions. Your guttering is best supplied and fitted by a local plumber (they may also assist in connecting up your toilet or grey water and could do this at the same time). Guttering can be colour matched to the Monument Matt Colourbond cladding we use.

Questions Regarding Ordering & Building:

What is the current delivery time?
Delivery will take approximately 3-6 months depending on the model and what your position is in the build queue.
How do I get a quote for a tiny house?
There is a form on each model page or on the Order Page which you can complete and submit via our website. We’ll get back to you soon with a quote for a tiny house build.
What is the order, build and payment process like?
We aim to make placing your order as simple as possible. Head over to our order page to process your order. If you require any assistance please feel free to call our customers support team.

Questions Regarding Off-Grid:

Can I go off-grid with my Tiny House?
Yes, you can! There are 4 main areas that need to be addressed in going off grid. These are power, water, toilet & drainage. There are great solutions for each of these needs including solar & battery systems (we refer this onto an external company), a composting toilet, water collection systems & pumps as well as drainage systems. Tiny House Pro can provide and, in some cases, install these systems. See the model pages
Doesn’t the composting toilet smell?
Amazingly, no! It’s a great system which has a fan that always draws the air out leaving your bathroom always fresh. We use EcoFlo low profile composting toilet designed for tiny houses.
How is the composting toilet installed?
We install the internal components. For some the rest is DIYable with the instructions provided, for others a plumber will be able to help.

Common Design Questions:

Some models have the wardrobe located in the bathroom. Won’t this allow for mould in the clothing?
For the steam to enter the cupboard through the very small cracks there would have to be some kind of suction or pressure drawing it into the cupboard. With the extraction fan in the bathroom on, quite the opposite will be happening. Air will be drawn out of the cupboard. Additionally, the growth of mould is encouraged by prolonged dampness. Good ventilation, a strong fan and the air-conditioning system all assist in keeping the Tiny House dry throughout.
Is the timber in the bathroom prone to mould if I go for raw timber?
The oiled solid pine used in the bathroom pictured in the Grand Island is the same material used in saunas.
Can I have stairs instead of a ladder in my Tiny House?
Ladders are a great option. They’re safe, giving you three points of contact at all times and we also build them to extend past the floor so you have something to hold onto until you are all the way up. They also allow for a more functional kitchen with generous bench space and a breakfast bar.
Saying that, ladders don’t suit everyone so we also offer a stair option, available in all 3 models, with upstairs standing room in the loft. Our going and rise dimensions are built to UK and European code (very rare in tiny houses!) which we feel is important for safety and comfort.
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